Research is the backbone of science and technology development, and provides bases for evidence-based policy in many sectors, including nutrition. Currently, number of research in nutrition has grown considerably. Nonetheless, the progress of publishing research result in South-East Asia region is still slow. Information on what research has been conducted, by whom and where is difficult to obtain. This leads to repetition of studies, which is not only making research progress inefficient, but also wasting the resources. This in the end has made the process of evidence-based policy making is somehow challenging.
     Therefore SEAMEO RECFON is establishing this research portal : South East Asia Research Portal in Nutrition (SEARCHNut). This portal objective is to assist study‚Äôs result on nutrition, particularly the unpublished researches to be accessible by the general public. In addition, SEARCHNut will also cataloguing regulations related to food and nutrition across South-East Asia Country and making the process of policy making faster.
     We invite Research Institution, Research Centre and University to collaborate to SEARCHNut by:
  1. Identify publications (abstract) and regulations open-access links in South-East Asia related to nutrition and food and compile them in the database.
  2. Actively contribute by compiling the abstract of publications/research within your institutions (in the form of Title, Abstract, Keywords, Name Researcher, Institution and CP from research in English) in the database.
For further queries, please contact :